Acetylene Torch

Acetylene is the fuel first used for oxy-fuel welding and remains the fuel of choice for repair work and general cutting and welding. Acetylene gas is shipped in special cylinders designed to keep the gas dissolved. The cylinders are packed with various porous materials (e.g. kapok fibre), then filled about half way with acetone. The acetylene dissolves into the acetone. Its main disadvantage is comparatively high cost.

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Firepower 350 Series Oxy-Acetylene Torch Outfit - 8 Inch Cap

Firepower 350 Series Oxy - Acetylene Torch Outfit - 8 Inch Cap

The 350 series outfits are made especially for the toughest needs - construction, heavy fabrication, large farm implement repair and all other torch jobs. The larger 350 Regulators, Hose, Handles, Attachment, Tips and Nozzles get higher gas volumes to the work. Thus, the 350 Series gives you extended capability for welding, brazing, cutting and multiflame heating. 350 Series outfit includes a 2 welding nozzle and 0 cutting tip that welds up to 1/8 inch and cuts to 1/2 inch. Optional tips allow you to weld to 2 inch and cut to 8 inch. Built-in flashback arrestors. Torch handle includes built-in check valves for added protection (safety) against reverse flow of gases. Tip Cleaner. 2 year limited warranty. Solid brass and stainless steel construction provide years of trouble-free performance.

Firepower Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit For Welding And Cutting - Series250

Firepower Oxy - Acetylene Torch Kit For Welding And Cutting - Series250

Deluxe kit is ideal starter set-up for many users Includes: Series150/250 Torch handle, Series250 cutting attachement, Size 0 cutting tip-cuts to 1/2 inch, Size 0 welding nozzle with universal gas mixer - welds to 5/64 inch, Single stage Series250 Oxygen and Acetylene regualtors (2 inch gauges), dualine hose-3/16 inch x 20 foot, spark lighter, welding googles (shade 5), tri-lingual instructions

BernzOmatic Tools Heavy Duty Oxygen/Acetylene Sure Fire Torch Kit - OA3000

BernzOmatic Tools Heavy Duty Sure Fire Oxygen / Acetylene Torch Kit - OA3000

BernzOmatic Tools Heavy Duty Oxygen/Acetylene Sure Fire Torch Kit Uses oxygen and acetylene gases for cutting, brazing and welding applications that require industrial temperatures such as farm, automotive and general maintenance projects. Features Cuts up to 4" or welds up to 5/32" with optional tips, sold separate Includes: Acetylene and oxygen regulators with 2" gauges Torch handle with check valves Cutting attachment #0 cutting tip for cuts up to 3/8" #2 welding/brazing tip for welds up to 1/16" Spark lighter 12-1/2' twin-welded hose.

Definition of Acetylene Torch provided by Wikipedia.

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