Plasma Cutting Torch

A plasma cutting torch is used in a process to cut steel and other metals or materials. This process uses a powerful electric arc to create plasma out of a blast of ordinary dried air to vaporize or literally "plasmatize" the material which is being cut.

The plasma cutting torch uses a two cycle approach to produce plasma. A high-voltage, low current circuit is used to initialize a very small high intensity spark within the torch body, thereby generating a small pocket of plasma gas. When cutting begins, the second circuit trips in and changes the current to a low-voltage, high current circuit, thereby initiating a high-speed powerful jet of plasma, which travels at over 15,000 km/h.

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Nu-Tecsys Plasma Cutter PCA25

Nu-Tecsys Plasma Cutting Torch PCA25

Plasma Cutters Cut Metal Like Butter. This quality plasma cutter from Nu-Tecsys will make quick work of your metal cutting needs. Backed by an 85 volt output at 15 amps. It will cut through body sheet metal, floorboards, frames, etc. In seconds. The 110V model can cut up to 3/16" thick steel, iron, stainless, or aluminum. The 220V model cuts up to 1/4" metal. Compressed air requirements of both units is 90 psi@2.5 cfm. Duty cycle is 40% at 20 amps. Comes with spare nozzles and electrodes. Units weigh 45 lbs. Detailed instructions included. One YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRENTY MADE IN USA THIS ITEM MAY TAKE 10DAYS-2WEEKS DLVRY

"FREE SHIPPING — Century Portable Plasma Cutter — 25 Amp, Model# 82021"

"FREE SHIPPING — Century Portable Plasma Cutting Torch — 25 Amp, Model# 82021"

"Swiftly cuts sheet metal up to 3/16in. thick, plus aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steelsRemoves spot welds in secondsUses shop air no special gases requiredPrimary input is 120V household currentCuts cleanly without overheating and warping surrounding metalFan-cooled transformer and 20# duty cycle @ 25 Amps with built-in regulatorExtra-long tip nozzle and compact torch handle allows you to get in tight areasIncludes 1 long electrode, 1 long nozzle, 2 short electrodes, 2 short nozzles and moreModel 82021 Truck ship. Factory shipped"

"FREE SHIPPING — Hobart AirForceT 625 Portable Plasma Cutter, Model# 500493"

"FREE SHIPPING — Hobart AirForceT 625 Portable Plasma Cutting Torch, Model# 500493"

The Airforce™ 625 plasma cutting and gouging system is excellent for light and heavy industrial users. Automated operations are also well within its range. Unit is compatible with engine-driven welders when powered with a 240 V generator power outlet

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