Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutting is a process used to cut steel and other metals (or sometimes other materials) using a plasma torch, which uses a powerful electric arc to create plasma out of a blast of ordinary dried air to vaporize or literally "plasmatize" the medium which is being cut.

The torch uses a two cycle approach to producing plasma. First, a high-voltage, low current circuit is used to initialize a very small high intensity spark within the torch body, thereby generating a small pocket of plasma gas. When cutting begins, the second circuit trips in and changes the current to a low-voltage, high current circuit, thereby initiating a high-speed powerful jet of plasma, which travels at over 15,000 km/h.

Plasma is an effective means of cutting thin and thick alike. Handheld torches can usually cut up to 1/2 in (13 mm) thick steel plate, and stronger computer-controlled torches can pierce and cut steel up to 12 inches (300 mm) thick. Formerly, plasma cutters could only work on conductive materials, however new technologies allow the plasma ignition arc to be enclosed within the nozzle thus allowing the cutter to be used for non conductive workpieces.

Plasma cutters produce a very hot and very localised 'cone' to cut with. Because of this, they are extremely useful for cutting sheet metal in curved or angled shapes.

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Miller Electric/Auto Arc Auto Arc Quick Cut 4500 Plasma Cutter - 115V-230V

Miller Electric/Auto Arc Auto Arc Quick Cut 4500 Plasma Cutter - 115V-230V

Dual input voltage located in back of unit allows either 115 or 230 VAC input power and provides patented protection in case of incorrect switch position. Unit provides full cutting capacity when powered by most engine-driven welders with 240 VAC auxiliary receptacles. Starts without high-frequency so it will not interfere with controls or computers. Pilot Arc Controller increases cutting capabilities and speeds, and improves tip life. Postflow cooling circuit extends the life of the consumables and torch by cooling them with postflow air after the trigger is released. Line voltage compensation (LVC) provides peak performance power under variable conditions (power fluctuations up to /- 15 ) for steady cuts and cleaner ending cuts. Gas/air filter/regulator inside the power source provides added protection during transportation. Standard air connection on back panel for easy gas or air hookup. Rated Output: 27 A at 90 VDC, 35 Duty Cycle Cutting Capability: Standoff Cutting Rated: 3/8 in. Quality: 1/2 in. Sever: 5/8 in. Drag Cutting: Rated: 5/8 in. Quality: 3/8 in. Sever: 1/2 in. Plasma Gas Flow/Pressure: 4. 5 CFM (129 L/min. ) at 60 PSI (414 kPa) Weight: Net: 49 lb. (22 kg); Ship: 55 lb. (25 kg) Comes complete with: ICE-27C hand-held torch with 20ft. Cable; 15ft. Heavy-duty work cable with clamp; Extra consumables (3 electrodes, 3 tips and 1 air fitting); 10ft. Power cord with 115 VAC, 20 A plug

""FREE SHIPPING — Hobart AirForceT 625 Portable Plasma Cutter, Model# 500493""

The Airforce™ 625 plasma cutting and gouging system is excellent for light and heavy industrial users. Automated operations are also well within its range. Unit is compatible with engine-driven welders when powered with a 240 V generator power outlet

""FREE SHIPPING — Century Plasma Cutter — 50 Amp, Model# 82051""

""Ideal for cutting heavier-gauge metals plus aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel; cuts up to 1/2in. thick steelGreat for metal fabrication shops, van and truck conversion shops, maintenance departments and farm shopsPrimary input is 230 VoltsBuilt-in 0 to 100 PSI air pressure regulator uses shop air — no special gases required30 and 50 Amp settings with 50% duty cycle controls cutting speed and temperatureExtra-long tip, nozzle and torch allows you to get in tight areasIncludes extra nozzle, electrode wrench, plastic case for consumables and moreModel 82051. Truck ship. Factory shipped""

Definition of Plasma Cutter provided by Wikipedia.

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