Plasma Torch

A plasma torch is used in a process called plasma cutting to cut steel and other metals (or sometimes other materials), which uses a powerful electric arc to create plasma out of a blast of ordinary dried air to vaporize or literally "plasmatize" the material which is being cut.

The plasma torch uses a two cycle approach to producing plasma. First, a high-voltage, low current circuit is used to initialize a very small high intensity spark within the torch body, thereby generating a small pocket of plasma gas. When cutting begins, the second circuit trips in and changes the current to a low-voltage, high current circuit, thereby initiating a high-speed powerful jet of plasma, which travels at over 15,000 km/h.

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Plasma 25 - Plasma Cutter System

Plasma 25 - Plasma Torch Cutter System

25 Amp Plasma Cutter - Plasma cutters produce a narrow cut with a fine arc with virtually no surface distortion and very little slag. Produces a much cleaner cut than Oxy/Acetylene cutting torches. We've chosen this 25 amp plasma cutter because with it's maximum capacity of up to 3/8" and 35% duty cycle, it will meet almost all automotive cutting needs. Requires a 220 VAC 20 Amp circuit, 7 cfm at 75 psi. Includes 11' 8" Gun Lead, 8' 4" Ground Lead, 8'8" power lead, Air Regulator/Moisture Filter, spare consummables, & complete instructions. Limited 2 year manufacturer's warranty. Made in Italy.

Clarke Plasma King 35 Plasma Cutter

Clarke Plasma King 35 Plasma Torch Cutter

Clarke Plasma King 35 220V Plasma Cutter Cut Metal with a Plasma Arc - Plasma cutters provide one of the easiest ways to cut steel quickly and cleanly up to 1/4" thick. Requires a 220V 30 amp circuit and 65 PSI air supply. Includes power unit, torch with 10' line, 10' grounding line, 6' power cord, air regulator with guage, 1/4" air coupler fitting and spare electrode, swirl ring and nozzle. Made in Italy

Nu-Tec Plasma Cutter Machine and Kit PCA35

Nu-Tec Plasma Torch Cutter Machine and Kit PCA35

This quality plasma cutter from Nu-Tecsys will make quick work of your metal cutting needs. Backed by an 85 volt output at 15 amps. It will cut through body sheet metal, floorboards, frames, etc. In secomds. This 220V unit can cut up to 1/4" thick steel, iron, stainless, or aluminum. Requires 2.5 cfm at 90 psi. Duty cycle is 40% at 20 amps. Comes with 5 elctrodes, 10 cutting tips, 1 diffuser, one electrode wrench and instructions. spare nozzles and electrodes. Weighs 45 lbs. 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Made in the USA.

Definition of Plasma Torch provided by Wikipedia.

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