Propane Cutting Torch

A propane cutting torch is used for cutting metal and sometimes called oxy-fuel cutting. In gas welding and cutting, the heat energy and high temperature needed to melt the metal is obtained by the combustion of a fuel gas with oxygen in a torch. This sort of torch is often called a blowtorch.

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ProWeld 36in. Heavy-Duty Oxy-Propane Cutting Torch

ProWeld 36in. Heavy-Duty Oxy - Propane Cutting Torch

"This extra-long Harris-style cutting torch burns longer and reaches farther than other torches. Its ideally suited for cutting up scrap and salvage work. Cuts steel up to 6in. thick with included Ƴ4 tip. Harris-style 36in. oxy-propane cutting torchBurns longer, reaches fartherHas check valves, in-head mixerIdeal for scrap and salvage workCuts up to 6in. steel with a #4 tipIncludes #4 tip with a 70° angle2-year limited warranty"

Definition of Propane Cutting Torch provided by Wikipedia.

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